À propos de nous

Nous travaillons dur pour vous fournir les abonnement des meilleures serveurs et de haute qualité.

open4k.com is a subscription sharing website that allows to connect subscription owners with co-subscribers to save money. open4k takes the carpooling philosophy and extends it to the world of subscriptions. Over past three years, We have won the favor of hundreds of thousands of streaming fans by offering them quality service and attentive support, open4k is grateful for the appreciation and preference of loyal user, and our business is constantly expanding to prepare for new challenges and conquer more fields. We will create more value and provide more services for user in the field of streaming media.

Secure Products

As open4k represents a solid adversary against scammers and hacks, we promise all the products sold on open4k are safe and legit, which means the product was obtained legally, there is no involvement of cheating software and illegal transaction. After the user pays, products will be delivered in real time, the whole process will be smooth and fast without waiting. open4k makes it possible to share subscriptions securely and legally.